101 in 1001

we all know what new year's resolutions are...
        and we ALL know how well those always turn out...
but i have discovered something that is much more fun! (and it gives you a little longer than a year, so you actually have time to plan and make it happen!) 
it's call (drumroll please!) 
                  101 in 1001!
heard of it? no?! 
     well let me enlighten you.
the idea behind the 101 in 1001 project was first shown to me by my sophomore english teacher. he told us one day in class that we were to have a list of 101 goals that we wanted to finish in 1001 days. (it has been more than 1001 days since i made those goals... while i did finish the list, i did not finish all of the goals.) however - i am making this list available to the whole world... thinking maybe that a little accountability will make me more successful this time... *crossing fingers*

well here it is! 
    my list:
...since it is 1:30 in the morning as i am writing this... i probably should get to bed, or i will regret some of the things that i might say. (i already ready what i wrote and wonder what kinds of drugs i was on when i wrote it... and i don't do drugs, so i must be going mental!) 

1. get a boyfriend (psych! already had one... been there, done that)

1. (for reals this time) go to Jerusalem
                yeah... this one is kind of cheating, since i already know that i am going, but it is still a life long dream of mine to go - so i'm counting it anyways! got back August 12, 2011
2. get down to 160 pounds (this will be a big deal for me... i'm just under 6 feet tall, and i just got under 170 for the first time in well... forever! so i'm dreaming big here and gonna make a BHAG (big hairy audacious goal) and go all the way! SEPTEMBER 2011
3. take dancing lessons
4. go to the zoo
5. smile at people first (ok... so i don't know how i can make this one measureable... but it is still a good goal to have right?!)
6. make a music video
7. make a cooking show
8. read a book every month
9. go without bread and sugar for an entire month still goin... 8/11
10. memorize a poem every month (for the next 2.74 years??? a high order, yes - but i am going to do it!) that's 33 poems to memorize - 0/33
11. lead an active lifestyle - work out at least 4 times a week for 3 months - 0/3
12. buy a new camera and take a photography class
13. read the entire book, jesus the christ by james e. talmage
14. camp/ride a bike down the oregon coast
15. buy a guitar
16. go crabbing
17. see NYC and a broadway musical
18. vote in the next presidential election
19. be informed for the next presidential election
20. try a new haircut (BANGS! february 24, 2011)
21. graduate from college!
22. make and bind a book
23. get bangs (2/24/2011)
24. hug a tree
25. kiss a boy (what will happen when my mom sees this list?)
26. learn how to knit (and make something to prove it!)
27. read the bible cover to cover
28. eat something that doesn't sound like it should be edible
29. take a self-picture every day for a year
30. go through my closet and get rid of clothes I don't use
31. learn to reupholster currently sitting in my front room are 2 chairs that i bought at d.i. for $3 each. the cutest little chairs in the whole world if you ask me :) (finished 9/8/11)
32. be an extra in a movie
33. buy a "wreck this journal"
34. finish at least journal every year
35. sew a jean quilt
36. make a piece of jewelry
37. make creme brulee with a blow torch
38. apply to work somewhere that i am completely unqualified for
39. dye my hair platinum blonde
40. brush my teeth (ok... so that's not for real... i just really feel like i need to brush them right now!)
40. the real #40: have a bonfire on the beach at the sea of galilee - july 2011
41. wear dresses every day for a month
42. get a sketch book and fill a page every day for a month
43. compose a song
44. get CPR certified
45. take an EMT course or become a CNA
46. join (or start) a book club
47. watch the sun set, stay up all night and watch it rise the next morning
48. dance in the rain with brooke on oct 10, 2011
49. sleep in a hammock
50. take a nap under a tree
51. document an entire day with photographs
52. send 10 "just because" packages
53. go geocaching
54. make a snow angel with someone
55. write down old memories for posterity
56. write a love letter to someone
57. plant an herb garden
58. try every recipe in my collection (or get rid of them!) in a 6 month period
59. order room service
60. have a tea party
61. have a defined stomach (is a 6-pack too much to ask???)
62. go on an overnight backpacking trip
63. go snowshoeing (this one is going to happen much more too! :D)
64. eat vegetarian for 2 weeks
65. do yoga every day for a month
66. blog 3 days a week
67. visit 2 new US states 
68. go on an adventure every month
69. learn another language
70. write a letter to myself, to be opened at the end of this project
71. go to a concert matsiyahu. in jerusalem. be jealous.
72. kiss in the rain
73. make a wish at 11:11 on November 11, 2011 11/11/11 at 11:11pm. sharp. and a little screaming was involved... 
74. watch a meteor shower
75. send a message in a bottle
76. get a manicure
77. do not go to the store for a month
78. draw a heart in 50 places and take a picture of it - 0/50
79. go wakeboarding
80. go scuba diving
81. make a pinata
82. take pictures in a photobooth
83. run 10 miles
84. go on a cruise
85. learn sign language
86. not wear makeup for a week how about an entire summer? (summer heat and makeup do not mix well for me. it's either one of the other, and the summer wasn't going anywhere)
87. go for one week without hitting the snooze button
88. go surfing
89. spend an afternoon reading in the park
90. go paintballing
91. write more letters by hand
92. wear a different hairstyle ever day for a month (if there must be a repeat, then it can't be 2 days in a row)
93. learn how to make a dish from 5 different cultures
94. send someone on an elaborate scavenger hunt
95. do something for someone else (at least once a week) preferably more often
96. make a list of 100 things i like about myself
97. go tanning
98. do a triathalon
99. complete a coloring book
100. sleep under the stars 
101. carve my name into a tree
102. attend a film festival 11/4/11... kinda lame, but it still works! (i want to go to a legit one now...)
103. learn 10 constellations, their names and stories
104. take 10 picnics - 5 with friends, 5 alone
105. don't go to the store for one month

(yes i know i went over... but there were a few lame ones in there... i just had to make up for them!)

having started so many lists in my life, i am kind of over the disappointment of never completing them all... but i have learned something very important. my probability of doing something immediately increases the moment i decide to do it. here it goes. i'm deciding. 
      now let's get to it!

fellow 101 in 1001 friends:

tips for setting goals: 
(if you are anything at all like me you LOVE to make lists!)
1. Be decisive. Know exactly what you want, why you want it, and how you plan to achieve it. 
2. Stay Focussed. Any goal requires sustained focus from beginning to end. Constantly evaluate your progress. 
3. Welcome Failure. Frequently, very little is learned from a venture that did not experience failure in some form. Failure presents the opportunity to learn and makes the success more worthy. 
4. Write down your goals. It clarifies your thinking and reinforces your commitment. 
5. Keep your goals in sight. Review them frequently, and ensure that they are always at the forefront of your thinking.