about me

this is about a girl.
              a very tall girl.
who loves quotes
               and movies
        and frogs
    and (occasionally) boys
                          and romance in all dignified, jane austen-esque forms.
(her height gives her an excuse to have her head in the clouds...)

she reads
             and bakes
                                                   ...and then bakes some more
     but always gives the food away.
                           she believes that the fastest way to make friends is with food!
   she also believes that sleep is way overrated.
                                           that healthy food can taste good.
               that the world is too big and too beautiful to sit still for too long.
                          that change is inevitable...
     and that the best way to stay happy and live longer is to stress less
                                                                      ...to be silly more
                                                                                                      and to eat lots of cookies!