i like

i like to talk about:

  • my family!
  • the food channel
  • my crazy, curly, do-what-the-heck-ever-it-wants-to hair
  • spring and fall
  • my church
  • blog stalking. (i prefer to call it research)
  • biking, camping, hiking, running, jumping, swimming, climbing... you name it i'll try it.
  • my kayak
  • my cat. and ONLY my cat. i think all other cats are evil. mine is perfect.
  • change
  • experiments. even the ones that don't turn out right...
  • friends
  • reading. anything. 
  • the smell of books
  • cricket chirps - but not in conversation!
  • warmth.
  • cold.
  • being tan
  • changing my hair color
  • thrift stores, yardsales, hand-me-downs, DIY

you will be hearing about ALL of these things. because they are the pieces that make up the "essence of jessica". or in laymans terms: me. 

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