Monday, December 20, 2010

And I had but one penny in the world.
Thou should’st have it to buy gingerbread.
– William Shakespeare, Love’s Labours Lost

I thought that coming home from school for Christmas meant a whole lot of R&R...
spending the next three days elbow-deep in cookies, candies and every comfort-food you can imagine has meant there is to be little time for me-time!
Sad day... but coming home has been a blast. Last year, we failed to make a gingerbread house, and I promised myself that I would never EVER let that happen again.
Here you see the result.
(It started out with just my younger brother Brian and I, but ended up involving all of us kids.) We also cleaned out the candy drawer... which is probably a good thing, considering the age of most of the candy found in the drawer is unknown. I am pretty sure that some of it has been accumulating there for many Halloweens. But better on the gingerbread house than in my tummy! (And making me feel super guilty looking at a scale!)

Pretty cool huh? You can see the fruit roll-up lake with our green laffy-taffy ducks and skittle ducklings, the igloo that we attempted to make out of some really old marshmallows and the garden? (in the middle of winter?) Answer: my brother was in charge of the schematics for the house, and he thought that a garden would be a nice addition... :)

The icing on this is seriously like glue. I don't think that we have ever actually eaten the gingerbread house... I was actually thinking that it would be fun to blow it up when Christmas was over. Whaddya think?

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