Saturday, August 6, 2011

this everyday life

i decided to do a post on the things that are part of "normal" "everyday" life here at the j.c. (if you haven't caught on... that stands for jerusalem center...) 
we were walking through the old city the other day, and i realized that this is not normal. in less than a week, i am going to go back to real life. planes, trains, automobiles and all that jazz. no more walking everywhere, no more bargaining for what i want (i'm scared that i am going to try and haggle with the cashier at walmart...), no more weird smells, no more listening to the call to prayer every day, no more seeing tour buses everywhere and thinking "these tourists... they are soooo annoying!" 
"real life" is waiting. 
and to be honest, i'm kinda scared. 
what happens when i walk to class and forget my notebook? i can't just run downstairs to go and get it.
what am i going to do when i get a text message? (i haven't texted in over 3 months!)
what if i burn everything that i try and cook??? say it isn't so!!! 
(that might be a little too much for me to handle...)

our shopping mall.

this guys has skillz.

for like 4 more days. 
we're not going to think about this anymore...!

ramadan started last week... so the old city looks like christmas!

just an olive tree in the kidron.
no biggie.

p.s. the sunsets over the city are amazing.

we decided to spend a whole day dedicated to just walking through the city and taking pictures.

this is one legit police car.
we were a little afraid that it would start transforming in front of us...

skull hill/golgotha/calvary
they built a bus station there.
not quite what you were expecting huh?

damascus gate!
they actually had scaffolding covering it for most of the summer, and they only removed it right before we left for galilee. so i had to get a pic!
so we were trying to spell "jerusalem" all over the city.
i saw a shoe store and thought - perfect!
"s" for shoes!
(they have these random shoe stores everywhere...)
the shop owner next door was making fun of my "s"...

the view from the top of the austrian hospice.

1st century paving stones!

the western wall

st. james armenian monastery

the street right by zion gate

it almost makes me consider being a vegetarian...

it's a small world after all...

have a happy, sunshiney day!!!

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