Saturday, January 14, 2012

whatcha got in there?

what's in my purse right now.

favorite vacation.
(you thought i was going to say jerusalem right?)
but i have to say that the best vacations have been the ones with my family.
pizza face is josh. (fyi)

something i've learned:
life. it is a crazy thing. and it doesn't always go the way that you want it to.
(but there is ALWAYS a reason for what happens.)

(are you noticing that i'm just trying to finish this???)
do the shuffle. on my ipod.
dead girls dance - oberhofer
whoa - we the kings
we are pilots - shiny toy guns
what kind of fool am i? - rick springfield
beautiful disaster - jon mclaughlin
time awaits - the kooks
mockingbird - rob thomas
behind the sea - panic! at the disco
joy to the world - three dog night
never grow up - taylor swift

my dream wedding...
just go look at my pinterest and you'll get the idea...
but we can't forget this place!
like pretty much ever other mormon kiddo, i've grown up singing the words to the song - 
"i love to see the temple, i'm going there someday..."
and i am.
(currently workin on the dating/boyfriend part right now...)

around town...
oh little town of rexburg, how still we see thee lie
(but for once... not under 10 feet of snow!!!)
pic courtesy of wikipedia. ha.

(i think i'm missing my summer/fall/warm/decent weather right now...)

potato fields outside of rexburg.

sand dunes.
please tell me you are jealous and are coming to visit me soon!
(my evil plan is workinggggg!)

something that stresses me out.
handsome men.
i just don't know what to do with myself around them...

(almost done!!!)
3 wishes.
wish 1:
that i could marry superman.
wish 2:
i could have hair like this everyday.
wish 3:
to spend all day in bed.
no homework.
no alarms.
no deadlines.
no stress!

we made it folks!
(this pic makes my nose look HUGE.)

to wrap this up (finally)... and hopefully you haven't been bored to death...
5 good things that happened to me during this challenge:
1. i got over sharing pictures of myself.
2. it got me writing.
3. consistency? not. at. all. (but it has motivated me for the next time i decide to do something like this again!)
4. it actually got me blogging! part of the new year's resolutions... to write more diligently. we'll see how it goes!
5. i tried to think outside of the box. maybe it worked, maybe it didn't... but baby steps are what we're working on!

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