Tuesday, March 27, 2012

no mere mortal can resist.

i bet you all had the same reaction i did when you saw this movie.
i MUST learn this dance!
i learned it tonight. (and hopefully i will get to ahold of a video here shortly...)

what else have i been up to lately???
i realize that i fail miserably at updating this blog.
i'm repenting though.
even though that means i will have to limit my pinterest time...
*wipe a tear*

one of my favorite classes this semester is sports nutrition.
at times it makes me want to re-think my life and just go into dietetics.
i mean, what a better major than someone who loves food as much as i do?
it just makes sense.
but i guess i'll just have to own a bakery on the side.
but i digress.
back to the subject.
sports nutrition. yes.
we had to develop a menu for an overnight hiking trip, and make sure that all of the calorie/carb/protein/and fat requirements fit.
the extra credit?
we had to make it.
and guess who made pizza tonight?!
it was... (considering it was supposed to be eaten while hiking, and NOT gourmet?)
actually pretty good.
i mean... flatbread pizza? not my first choice.
but it's hard to pass up pizza while camping.
i mean... come onnnnn!
(granted, we cheated a little. i mean, how am i supposed to dehydrate the spaghetti sauce to make a leather when i don't even own a dehydrator??? i mean, i want one. but i have nowhere to put it. and i have too much junk already.)
we just threw regular sauce and veggies on the flatbread, but you would normally use reconstituted sauce and re-hydrated dehydrated veggies (if you like veggies on your pizza.) top that with some cheese and you are set to go!
i can just imagine this cooking over a fire right now...
(and my mouth is watering.)

taken using my new phone!
i'm impressed.
alas... i haven't gotten cool enough to get a smart phone yet.
maybe someday...

well that's enough to bore you for now! 
(if you really want to see more of what i've been stalking for the past few hours... check 'em out!) 
here and here and here...
can you tell i'm excited for this summer?
i am SO going hiking.

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