Tuesday, July 17, 2012

only very rarely does this happen.

i am up before 7.
with no alarm.
(i just won't admit to the fact that my "fitted sheet" stopped fitting around my bed last night... and i can't sleep when my feet start playing with the bunched-up stuff at the foot of my bed...)
so here i am. 6:30 am. on pinterest. surfing the web. all nice and bundled up in my blankie because going back to sleep wasn't an option.
i need some tea or something...

but i think that breakfast will have to do!
on a whim i packed some pumpkin puree... (i can't ever really explain why i do things like that sometimes). i mean, we're camping. well... ish. in my mind there is nothing "camping" about what we do every year for a week at payette lake. we stay at a condo. and then we bike down to the campground... i tend to think of this as a little sinful. ;)
nevertheless... it does have its benefits.
like a full-on kitchen. and no bugs in my food! (there are definitely times that i relish the taste of ants... but not now. actually... probably never.)

when i was packing all the food to come up here, i found a mysterious bag from winco. with numbers 1747 written on the twisty-tie. looks promising! so i packed it. and found out that it was indeed pancake mix! 
this morning... i was craving pumpkin pancakes. these were... adequate. definitely not up to snuff... as far as pumpkin pancakes go. if you want a REAL recipe. check this one out.
i know i've probably raved about it before. but my raving does not do it justice! 
you. must. try. it!

 and it even looks divine! 
(pic courtesy of two peas and their pod blog)

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