Tuesday, September 25, 2012

can life get any better than this?

i am so excited for fall.

for sweaters.

for hot chocolate.
anatomy of a cup of perfect hot chocolate:
1. precise cocoa-to-milkiness ratio
2. just enough marshmellow to give you a little white mustache when you take a small sip
3. the cup keeps your fingers warm
4. it warms you all the way down to your toes
5. the most versatile of comfort foods. (you can drink it with someone, or it can be company itself when you just want to sit and ponder the deep mysteries of the universe...)

for leaves.
this is one of those pictures.
from the "dark ages".
(my hair would not cooperate with me)

bike rides.

and picnics.

can life really get any better?

today, i submit that it cannot.

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