Saturday, June 11, 2011

play. pause. resume.

once again, i am amazed at the speed at which this week flew by.
(are we sure that we didn't just hit the fast forward button and forget to press play again?)
so this week has been crazy busy. we went to tel aviv on monday, and it feels like it has been weeks, not a matter of a few days.
good news of the week: 
i have a place to live in the fall!
even better news:
i'm living with my sister!!! (you better be ready to hear about some pretty amazing adventures come august...)

now back to israel.
i never thought that i could get sick of wearing a tshirt and pants every day. but i discovered this week that i can. especially white v-necks. however, they are almost a necessity here (for those of you planning on making this trip in the future - bring as many as you possibly can. they will save your life!) but i think that i am going to boycott all tshirts when i get back home. and i might just throw all of my clothes into a big pile in the middle of my room and cannonball right into the middle... and then roll around in them for a bit. why hello dear friends! did you miss me??? because i missed you!
do you ever feel like you can do more crazy things when people don't know you that well? i have this crazy memory of the first time i bore my testimony... i was in island park, and i wanted to bear my testimony. i remember thinking: nobody here knows me... if i look stupid then nobody will remember me. the next thing i know, i'm standing there, in front of a packed church (this is right next to yellowstone in the middle of summer... peak tourist season anyone???) little did i know that there was another overflow building. not just people sitting out in the foyer. no. an entire building of people that can hear me. luckily, i haven't met anyone that remembers me from there, but i have this strange habit of stepping outside of my comfort zone when i don't know anyone. 
what did i do now you ask?
i danced. 
if you know me at all, this will probably have you rolling in fits of laughter on the floor. those two words (me and dance) don't usually appear in the same sentence for me, unless they are separated by a little word called CAN'T. 
i'm not saying i did spectacularly. because i didn't. but i had a ton of fun! 
and honestly... the best part of the whole thing was the costumes. if i had access to youtube, i would post the song that we danced to, but i guess you'll just have to listen to it yourself. (waka waka by shakira)

i have to give props to my pal jess... 
who taught me everything i know about ratting hair... 

 can i be buried in one of these pleeeeeeze?

dormition abbey
i was our groups leader... they wanted to be able to go out and explore the city, and thanks to the amazing sense of direction (which i inherited from my mother!)... i led us all over the city.
i decided that my call in life is to be a tour guide.

 absolom's pillar

 we stopped by a shop in the armenian quarter that did ceramics... this table was incredible!
you can see the 8 gates of jerusalem.
(only 7 of them are open...)
i've been through all of them except for golden gate...
i was debating if it would be worth sitting and chipping away at the wall...

nuff said.

a good end to a fantastic week!
(and i looooooooooove my visiting teachers!!!!)

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  1. can i just SAY how HAPPY it made me that you mentioned our ABSOLUTELY FANTASTICALLY AMAZIN SEMESTER we're gonna have this fall!?!?! i mean really! people are gonna be jealous...