Friday, June 3, 2011

this is what happens when i stay inside too long.

dilemma: (this is going to sound like old news) but i figure i might as well tell you why i don't post as often as i would like.
my computer doesn't like my camera. 
sounds juvenile right?
i told them to work it out... but so far, neither one is yielding.
so picture-posting here will probably end up being stolen for my compatriots here with me in jerusalem until i can get my own pictures uploaded! 

we just got done with midterms... WOOHOO!
[you were under the impression that this was a vacation weren't you???]
nope. i actually have to study. boo.
but since we couldn't really leave the center for the past two days, i regressed back to surfing the web. and blog stalking. (my favorite!)
not that this is anywhere in the near future, but i think that this is super cute!
how many of you (hopefully this is limited to just you girls!!!) had american dolls growing up? i did. i'm pretty sure i read all of their stories, and knew all about their lives. i had an even split between those and the hardy boys... (my dad had to have a hand in my literature choices as well). what did your doll say about you? mine made me laugh. i had one of the dolls that looked like you, but if i'd have had my choice, i would have gotten molly. (it had something to do with an obsession with world war two...)
being in israel, i find this blog particularly funny. i'm on a hunt for cookbooks. (because the food here is amazing!) but i'm thinking falafel fridays when i get back to the states is going to be a very good tradition. a very tasty tradition at that...

on another note, we started a volleyball tournament last night!
my team is the hyksos. you miss a lot when you don't hear us cheer. it is pretty incredible. we lost the first game, won the second, and i stayed to watch the other teams play the last game. now i just need to get my basketball kick for the week and i'll be happy!

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