Tuesday, May 31, 2011

tel aviv baby!

we had a birthday on saturday!
(happy birthday janessa!)
so to celebrate this chica turning the big 2-0, we went to gelato... 
and then we went to the beach...
and then got more gelato...
it kinda makes me wish that my birthday happened in a foreign country.
lots of excuses to eat my weight in desserts... mmmmm...

sharla, janessa, ashlyn and me on ben yehuda street eating gelato.
this is worth just sitting back for a minute and reminiscing...
ok i'm back! 

now on to tel aviv!
little fishies swimming in the red sea.

some pretty sweet wall art in an old neighborhood of tel aviv.

me and my beach hair.

sunset on the mediterrean

perfect end to a perfect day!
(to make it even better... we got this shot on the first try!)

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