Saturday, May 14, 2011

time's a-wastin'!

we were given a list of items that we had to see in jerusalem before the end of the semester.
i think that we are an experimental group... but it really has made me get out and go see things, so i really can't hold it against brother chadwick at all... (chadwick is my ancient near eastern studies teacher and pretty much the bomb.)
yesterday we went and stormed the ramparts of jerusalem.
well... technically only half of them. but we were bushed by the time we got done, so we decided to call it a day and head on home. 
aren't the green pants amazing though?
they are pretty much my new fav.

this is a view of dormition abbey (between the palm fronds there...)
i still find it surprising to look out over the city and see satellite dishes all over the place... call me weird, but it doesn't exactly fit into the paradigm that i had always had about the Holy City... ;)

other adventures of the day:
i had schwarma.
this is definitely happening when i get home. 
and falafel was for lunch!
i thought before i came that i was going to miss being able to cook all the time. as it turns out, i don't really have enough free time to miss it. any time that i have extra is spent playing volleyball, basketball, doing homework (hahaha that's a funny one...) or running all over the city. nope... i don't really miss it.

i have decided one thing though: i waste too much time. 
this experience (if it has taught me one thing... and of course i can't say that because it has taught me SO much!) has taught me that i suck at managing my time. and that i can be so much more productive if i were to just push myself and plan a little bit better.
then again... thinking about my classes next semester is beginning to scare me. i don't think that i'm going to have much time anyway. so i guess we'll see!

i love exploring!
i want a fedora, whip, and a cool explorer-friendly name so that i can really get into the spirit of climbing into tombs!
(yes, we did visit some tombs today, 
and yes,
it was amazing.)

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