Tuesday, May 10, 2011

here comes the sun...

sorry you don't get a lot of me writing today.
i want my lunch.
 st. george monastery in the wadi qelt
this is after we crossed the sea level marker on the way to jericho... and sang 'under the sea' from the little mermaid.
we are that awesome.
 my hair was interesting today.
besides getting up increasingly later, i don't want to come back at the end of the summer with a white forehead, so the bangs are not allowed out of the center.
 i want to build my future house on the side of a ravine.

on a more spiritual note, this is what the area where the good samaritan story would have occurred.
it was hot.
and if you took one wrong step, you would fall a long, long way down.
the interesting thing is that these hills would have been a lush, fertile green only a month ago. they are quite brown now.
but this is the "fertile" wilderness!
the grass that dies here is actually used to feed the herds during the rest of the summer. even though it is dead, they still eat it.
 this is a sycamore tree.
bible lesson:
zacchaeus climed this tree like when he wanted to see the savior pass by.
actually it isn't this exact tree.
but it was still pretty cool.

 we were storming the walls of jericho.
march two, three, four!
at herod's winter palace outside of jericho.
he died a miserable death here...
but we like to practice our crane move too.
just in case we ever need it.

it was SO HOT!
but i love the sun :)

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