Saturday, May 14, 2011

what did you do today? i met a dead guy.

there are days when technology really bugs me.
especially when i want to get things done.
like, say, when i actually have time to get on an blog... and blogger decides to not work?
not really a fan.
so this will be short, sweet, and then i can go play some sardines. k? k.

i told you went went and explored some tombs...
we totally climbed in bed with a dead guy.
kinda creepy right?
 and yet... i still did it in a white shirt.

this is my buddy joshua...
he's pretty much amazing, but you could already tell that from the picture! ;)
and whosoever shall be found
without the soul for getting down
must stand and face the hounds of hell
and rot inside a corpse's shell. 
the foulest stench is in the air 
the funk of 40,000 years 
and grizzy ghouls from every tomb 
are closing in to seal your doom 
and though you fight to stay alive 
your body starts to shiver 
for no mere mortal can resist 
the evil of the thriller!

ok, so now you know all of the fun stuff that i have been doing.
now for the not-so-fun stuff:
1. school (even though it is amazing) kicked my trash yesterday. we had 7 hours of class, and we couldn't leave the center.
2. the reason we couldn't leave the center is because of nakba. nakba is the palestinian "day of catastrophe"...  it is their "anti-holiday" to the isreali independence day. so we haven't been allowed to leave the center because there have been riots in the city for the past few days leading up to it. [don't freak out mom... they were expecting something, so they were good and warned us a few days ago that we might be stuck inside this weekend.]
nakba is actually tomorrow, which actually coincides well with our trip to turkey!!!

so even though those things are less-than-fun... it's all part of the amazing experience! i have enjoyed (which doesn't seem like an adequate word to describe how i feel about everything) every. single. second. and i plan on loving a whole lot more before i come home! 

to travel hopefully is a better thing than to arrive. 
~ robert louis stevenson ~

what do you do when you find a random nest-shaped hole in the ground?
you pretend to be baby birds of course!

i couldn't quite figure out how to pull off a baby-bird face...

this is seeming to go on forever, but for my thrifty friends back home: (we are totally going to DI when i get back!!!)


  1. oh my gosh can we please just play every single day next semester and have baking parties and go to the D.I. and go on long bike rides and I'll cook Mexican and you'll cook Israeli and life will be brilliant. that wasn't really question.

  2. PRETTY sure i about peeeeeed my pants from excitement upon reading the lyrics to my favorite michael jackson song...