Friday, May 27, 2011

i dream of genies!

do you remember back in elementary school when you got to go on field trips?
i remember in first grade, when we got to go to a dairy farm. we spent about a week learning about the different kinds of cows we would see there... and i only remember seeing black and white ones.
i have to say, these field trips are just a little bit better. (only a teensy tiny bit...)

ariel and i at tel arad
this is located in the yeshimon wilderness...
they have two kinds of wilderness here:
the fertile kind, and the desert kind.
(i had no idea that there was a difference before i came!) 

why do i always have to be the sacrifice?

this would have been the holy of holies in an ancient temple (at tel arad) do you see the two pillars in the very back?
they represent diety...
a slight problem for an israelite temple, (which is the reason why this temple was shut down)


i'm diggin the sunglasses guys.

that's one lucky guy there...
it looks like fenton is starting his own harem. 

best. roomies. ever. 

dad, this one is for you.
just so you know i've got my own posse of arab-ninja-protectors watching over me.
creepy men of the city beware! 

best view of the entire city!
see the tiny gold dome?
it's kind of like finding waldo...

we got there right before it closed... so we didn't have to deal with the usual crowds...
(the guys weren't really happy we kept taking pictures, but i didn't know when i would get pictures this good again!)

do you know what i love more than anything?
playing volleyball for 3 hours straight.
and kicking butt.

and the best purchase ever?
genie pants.
gotta get some...

so you can be cool like us!


  1. oh my gosh...genie pants? seriously? can we just move there? ok thanks bye.

  2. I would have to agree with you— three hours of volleyball is the best, but I'm not too sure about your comment- "kicking butt" is quite accurate. Let's be honest.

  3. DUDE ok now... now i want genie pants. its on the list