Monday, May 2, 2011

field trips on the lucky judd bus

they have a table for pitas at every meal.
you'll be proud of me... i've only gone there 3 times so far. (take into account how many meals we've eaten so far and how freakin good they are, and you should be very impressed!)
they have good, real peanut butter, nutella, and this awesome white-looking spread that we think is something akin to white-chocolate nutella. don't really know for sure because they don't have any labels on any of the food here. i think this is a good thing and a bad thing - because it gets you to try the food without being too picky... but some of the stuff is very interesting looking. but all the food is so good!
yesterday they set us loose on the town. i decided that i'm going to wait before i buy anything, because i'm pretty sure that all of the merchants are just dying to take advantage of all of the new "young mormons" that come every four months. they know that we've never been here before, so i'm fairly positive that they are trying to get us to buy stuff before we've had a chance to see what everyone has to offer.
but i have my eye on a few things... i'll just have to work on my bartering skills (which everyone has told me is the way of life here. you can't take crap from anyone - just tell 'em what you are going to pay for it and see how far down you can get them to come!) some of the people are really nice though. and a lot of them love the "young mormons," as they like to call us. it's funny, because we really do stick out like a sore thumb. we travel in packs of 3, wear long skirts or pants, and are always dressed modestly. we're all abnormally happy too. :)
on my shopping list:
genie pants (i've heard they are the most comfortable pants ever.)
a leather scripture case with jerusalem imprinted on it
a cookbook
some skirts
leather sandals
an olive-wood carving

today was even better. (except for the part where i started my awesome farmers tan for the summer...)
we went on our first field trip!
the main point of this field trip was to give us a better idea of what jerusalem looks like from all angles, and how this has impacted it over time. a lot of what we talked about had to do with the biblical references to particular places in the area.
one of my favorite places of the day was the augusta victoria hospital. it is one of 3 lutheran churches that was built by wilhelm II (who was one of the last ottoman leaders). it is on the top of mount scopus, and it gives one of the best views of the city. there were a lot of stairs to climb. just warning you.
you can see the dome of the rock here.
kinda like finding waldo...
just look for the golden roof!

they split our group in half for our field trips today, and my group got to ride on the "lucky judd bus" (my teacher's name is professor judd... he's basically amazing)
we also got to see bethlehem - and will actually be going into the town at a later date.

oh, and the best part of my day?
i found out we're going to see harry potter.
before it comes out in the u.s.
not that i'm rubbing it in or anything like that.

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