Thursday, September 8, 2011

a leisurely labor day

it's high time i update you all (if there really is anyone out there reading this sad, sorry excuse of a blog...) about what has been going on in my life.
you thought you had seen the last of me after i got home from jerusalem... bahahahaha!
i'm back.

other than the constant ebb and flow of daily life (consisting mainly of getting up, running errands for mom, checking stuff off of the mile-long to do list that she leaves on the counter for me... and possibly getting in the shower before everyone gets home from school...) we have managed to have a few adventures here in little ol' nampa. crazy thought huh?

my sister and i went camping before labor day - actually we were commissioned to head up there earlier in the week so that no one would take our spot! but the parents actually let us go... alone!
we did have one steak knife to protect us.
i'm pretty sure the mosquitoes were terrified of two young, knife-wielding girls.

lost lake.
but we found it!

what camping trip is complete without a fire dance?

i always knew she had magical powers.

dinner is on!

to be fair, it did make the fire nice and toasty...

hobo dinners.
and camping.
my summer is now complete.

we got home, i ran down to salt lake for one of my best-friend's-in-the-whole-wide-world's-wedding...

cheaters... they were all wearing 3 inch heels.
of course, i wore flats.

...and then back to twin falls to see my cousin's daughter get baptized! 
the rest of the family met me there, and then we cruised back on home, and back up to lost lake!
but this time we came with reinforcements. (not just the steak knife...)

it was noon and still cold.
so we went on a walk and ran from sunny spot to sunny spot.

feel the warmth!

good morning world!!!

i swear this stump is gonna collapse any second...

and don't forget the cliff jumping!

now after all that fun, i might just be ready to pack it all back up and head back to school.

or not.

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