Friday, September 9, 2011

well hello sunshine!

i love waking up early and sitting on the couch with my chilly toes stuck under a gigantic mound of blankets, with my computer and a big cup of hot chocolate. 

ooooh yes, i am sooooo ready for fall right now.

i've decided it's been too long since you've gotten any music, and i've been feeling in a somewhat indie mood as of late, so here ya go.

beware. this is what happens when i am allowed to sit and surf the web uninterrupted. 

i listened to her version of elton john's song: your song this morning, and fell in love with ellie goulding's voice. 

i've been doing projects with my mom straight for the past few weeks that i've been home, so i've got major crafts on the brain. this is my next project:

and for the piece de resistance - i want to try this!
recipe here

my toes are warm, the hot cocoa is gone, and mom is finally up. time to start the day!

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  1. Love that Indie Summer fact, I listened to all those songs all summer song. Coinkydink! can't wait to see you!