Monday, July 25, 2011

Galilee: Day 2

July 12

We only had one bus while we were up in Galilee, so half of the group would stay at Ein Gev and have a half-day of classes, and the other half would have a field trip day. 

isn't this just the best view ever? it's a wee bit hazy... but from my front door you can see the sea. har har. 

this is what happens when i get bored waiting for ariel...

Our first day was a class day… which might have been a little more difficult considering the only thing that was on our minds was the beach that was about a 5 minute walk away.
Another interesting thing about the place that we were staying – Ein Gev is actually a kibbutz, that has a hotel as part of its commercial enterprise. So that being said, we ate in a kosher restaurant. I’ve never really been exposed to anything like that before… at least not to the extent that it was here. Breakfast was always dairy. (Not that I’ve even seen bacon in 3 months.) You know the weird health-nut I can be… they had the Best. Granola. Ever! Anyway, moving on. The rest of the day was fairly predictable. We got in the water right after lunch, and didn’t get out until 6. I think my hands are still recovering from the “prune-ing process.”
Later that night, after dinner, we had a bonfire for everyone. Not that it was even a mite cold… the one drawback of Galilee was the humidity. Every time I stepped outside, I felt like I had just been misted. Gross. But we put up with the things we love right?! 
yeah niffer. that's right.
(niff's the one on the left. sharla, lizzie and ariel.)

the water was really low... it usually goes up to that palm tree, or the bottom of that line of rocks on the hill. 

this one really doesn't need much explanation.

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