Saturday, July 30, 2011

Galilee: Day 4

July 14

Another day of class! They stuck us down in the basement somewhere… and sometimes the AC would work… and other times it would not… which made it very difficult to stay focused at times. But I most definitely am not snoozing off in class! I just have to go back and review my notes after class to make sure that I remember everything. Lunch was usually uneventful. Breakfast was great (I really couldn’t get enough of the granola… oh how I’ve missed it!) and dinner was always fantastic, but lunch was kinda bleh. Uneventful. Usually it was just something to get out of the way so that we could get out and go play in the water.
On this free day though, we got to go on a hike! :) The higher powers of the JC have connections, and they know a guide that likes to take groups on hikes up into the Golan Heights to a waterfall. (Don’t worry mom and dad… we didn’t go wandering into any mine fields!) When the guide walked on to the bus, I think we all giggled to ourselves… here is an old skinny guy with a big, poofy white beard, scraggly hair and socks that went halfway up to his knees. But we weren’t laughing long. Especially when we were all huffing and puffing to catch up to him the entire time. No joke. Old guy dominated us. My favorite comment was, “it usually takes people in typical BYU condition 40 minutes to walk out of here.” And what does that mean? Haha, I guess we’ll never know! I think it was kind of a diss... can he do that??? 
But the hike was gorgeous! We walked to the waterfall, and the dimwit that I am, I decided not to wear a swimsuit. However, this did serve me well in the end, because it meant that I had built-in AC for the entire walk back. It might have been easier to swim with a swimsuit though…
We were pushing it getting back to Ein Gev, and where I took the shortest shower of my entire life (and I washed my hair with soap) and ran the whole way to the bus. I was NOT going to miss dinner.
Can you guess what we ate? St. Peter’s fish. No, I didn’t find any money in its mouth, and even though I thought of pretending, I didn’t have any shekels. But, I did manage to get a kiss.
After dinner, we watched the sunset again, and then headed back to our “home” to get a little R&R. (Really? You believed that?) 

don't judge... i know i look like a homeless beach bum.
that's what happens when you spend all day at the beach. duh.

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