Sunday, July 10, 2011

a quick look back...

i have just over a month left. 
can i just say how sad that makes me?

who would have known that a group of complete strangers would be such great friends today?

little did they know...
don't we look cute? and oh so very pale..

[nessa me and meg]

which reminds me!
i realized that i haven't talked about our amazing experience at the matisyahu concert!
basically awesome...

but definitely the hottest experience i've ever had.
probably even hotter than today.
and today was baaaaad.
my dear friend weatherbug said it was 90 degrees, but it felt like it was 93.
it says it is 97 degrees in ein gedi...
i'm gonna diiiiiiiiiiiiiiiie.

our teachers kept telling us how "green" it was at the beginning of the semester.
i didn't believe them.
until i look at this picture, and then i realize how dead and brown everything looks now!

 just take a look at the wall...
this is the outside of zion gate, on our way to dormition abbey.
just a little reminder of the conflict that is never quite over in this part of the world.

[me sharla and lizzie]

an older picture, but i just barely found it.
it went through all of the countries in the world and gave places that you had to visit.
done and done!

we call this place "costco"
because it has tons of wholesale candy for super cheap.
it doesn't even come near to the real deal. 
mom: when i get home, i want trail mix from costco.
that is supposed to be a subliminal message.

you know how you never know how much you love someone until they're gone?
i feel that way...
about DI.
before i left, i couldn't understand how there could actually be a line waiting to get in DI...
right now, i would be willing to camp outside, to i could get in. 

and while we're on the topic of fantasies and daydreams,
i want one of these.

i'm having a hard time being grateful for the sun right now...

but i have a kite!
...and we are going to fly it!
(just in case you didn't know that's what you do with kites...)

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