Thursday, December 15, 2011

ee-weben :)

if you can't already tell, i'm just a little tired.
finals week can do it to ya, i'm tellin ya! (i can't wait to be done!!! then guess what? more school....... oh joy!) 

today is about a pineapple.
it actually has absolutely nothing to do with pineapples. (hence the relation to today's actual topic.)
{tv shows.}
i am not really the kind of person that sits down and just watches tv. i actually rarely do it, and even at home (and the blessing of dvr) i still struggle sitting down long enough to watch an entire episode. there are just so many other wonderful things i could be doing with my life! ...wasting time on pinterest is not one of them...
but if i had to choose 5 tv shows that rocked my world, they would be:
1. psych. do you understand now?
2. monk (tony is my favorite...)
3. johnny quest
4. jimmy neutron... my family loved to watch this tv show after the movie came out. we still quote it to this day. 
5. anything food-network related. i have to keep a napkin and a notepad nearby just in case something sounds good. who knows, i could see something so amazing that it would change the way that i see food. that would be big. 

i don't have much else to say.
but i like this:
in honor of finals survivors everywhere!

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