Sunday, December 11, 2011


something i'm afraid of.

i am afraid of nothing.
and do you want to know why?

because i'm wonder woman.
(i'm in disguise of course!)

and. i have a group of SUPER friends. 
you know superman? yeah, we're BFFs.

(come to think of it, i think i have next year's halloween costume idea now!)

i've always liked superheroes. don't judge! just listen to me for a sec!
this is doing a little homage to my nerdy superman-loving days in high school.
of course, nothing like the tv shows or movies could ever happen in real life. duh. but (this may sound corny) everyone is a superhero. 

i think good 'ol aunt may had it right when she said, "i believe there's a hero in all of us, that keeps us honest, gives us strength, makes us noble, and finally allows us to die with pride. even though sometimes we have to be steady, and give up the thing we want the most...even our dreams." 

timothy dalton said that we can't relate to a superhero. "but, you can identify with a real man who in times of crisis draws forth some extraordinary quality from within himself and triumphs... but only after a struggle."

those are the kinds of heroes that i like. 
these people are the true heroes - the people that might not look especially interesting at first glance. the quiet individuals that you don't stick out of a crowd. the ones that go about every day, silently but stalwartly living their lives. they are true to their ideals, their goals, and they will fight for them when the cause is important enough. 
so what are YOU afraid of?

the major work of the world is not done by geniuses (or superheroes!). it is done by ordinary people, with balance in their lives, who have learned to work in an extraordinary manner. 
~ gordon b. hinckley

i haven't done this in a while.
i think it's high time for some musica!!!

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