Wednesday, March 16, 2011

change is inevitable

if you haven't noticed already, i can't focus on any specific thing for too long...
i like to give a little bit of spice to my life.
(unfortunately i constantly keep forgetting the things that i have done in the past... and then a year later will look back and think - oh yeah! i wanted to do that!)

anyone else out there like that?

i think part of it should be attributed to the fact that i love change.
a week after i get a haircut i am already thinking about the next thing i want to try...
i move the furniture in my room,
(i would move my bed, but it is bolted to the floor. sad day.)
i collect recipes and rarely try the same one twice,
i love meeting new people,
and new clothes...
in short, i don't want to be the same person tomorrow that i am today.
winston churchill said, "to improve is to change, to be perfect is to change often."
'nuf said!
but i already knew i was perfect... ;)

soooo i've decided that i am extremely bored.
and i need something to do.
here's the catch:
it's rainy
and dreary outside...
what is there to do? all of my snow is gone!
(and *gasp* i've given up cooking for the next few weeks!)

anyway, here is a movie that i think is hilarious.
enjoy and i'll talk to you soon!
(maybe this will ease your boredom too!)

wednesdays rock!
(i actually spelled wednesday wrong earlier... i swear i haven't spelled it wrong since, like, the 1st grade when i would say WED-NES-DAY every time i would write it down... talk about a blow to the ego!)

i want to go fishing.
real bad.

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