Tuesday, March 1, 2011

i need thick wool tights. it is 31 degrees and i am in a dress.

today i am able to focus on just about everything but my computer.
unless it meant blogging.
(you should feel very priviledged)
because the whole reason i left the apartment was to study...
it's not going to happen today.
another picture of the hair...
i was told i looked chinese.

i actually have an asian roommate.
we look like sisters now!!!

i watched megamind last night.
such a cute movie!
i freakin love it.
will ferrell is a genius...
who else can pull of saying "i feel so mel-an-choly" (emphasis on the second syllable there) and still be an evil genius?
definitely not the way that i thought the movie was going to go, but i think it was actually better! and i love how he has theme music for everything.
i think i will come up for a playlist for when i strut around campus.
just because it would be cool.

this isn't in the movie, but i think it deserves some serious respect!
(besides, when i hear it i can't get it out of my head for the rest of the day. a catchy tune like that has got to be forced upon others...)

just watch this one.
trust me.

don't tell me you didn't smile.
not just a little bit?

people watching is bomb.
and so is trying to do homework in a highly trafficked area.
(homework completion is impossible)
and results in a date for saturday night!
waste of time?
i think not!

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