Thursday, March 17, 2011

green is the color...

happy saint patty's day!

today feels like a friday.
maybe it is because i don't have classes today, but i'm fairly positive that my mind has shut down.
good luck trying to get me to do any work for the rest of the weekend...

last night my sister and i went to go see alfie boe.
never heard of him?
i hadn't either.
if you like opera, you might just die. (i think i did... especially after he started talking in his oh-so-sexy british accent... i think he should play mr. darcy in the next pride and prejudice. come on, they do a new one like every 5 years!)
if you don't like opera... i don't have anything to say to you.
just that you fail.

this was the last song he sang last night.
being the les mis fanatic that i am, i had goosebumps for the rest of the night after i heard this.
and i want to go see him in les mis in june!
maybe i'll win the lottery and then i can go...

ummmm... i'm drooling.

i'm so weird. but that's ok since i thoroughly enjoy it.
one of my friends told me i was awkward the other day... that actually bugged me until i realized that i like being awkward.
and laughing at the awkward-ness...
it just makes life grand!

question: how do you celebrate saint patrick's day without cooking something green?
this not-cooking junk is starting to irritate me...

but not so much the wind...

dear wind: go away.
love jess.

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