Tuesday, March 22, 2011

first day of spring. yeah right.

i really should get out of this sh-lump...
i kinda feel like a big, fat lump.


which is good since i got most of my homework done! hoo-rah! (this only means that i spent most of my day in the library today, but if that means i can leave on thursday... bring on the
pain!) but my roommaties and i are gonna watch across the universe. never seen it before. but i love the soundtrack! so i'm pretty excited.
and... get this: we are going to see a wicked awesome folk opera! tell me that doesn't sound amazing right? we went to see the last poet standing (and i am pretty sure that i am diggin' a sentimental man right now... one that writes me poems and sings to me every night. yes... yet for some reason, i seem to get to the fruit loops. i hope that doesn't say anything about me!) the guy that one wrote the opera. i think i'm in love.
i've always enjoyed poetry, but i never could seem to make mine rhyme! tonight gave me hope.
they don't always need to rhyme! huzzah!
in one of the poems the guy talked about trying to cover all of the stars with his fingers... i love poetry so much. i always wish that i could write like that.
but practice practice practice!

we went and helped out a friend take pictures earlier, because he needed models (i know right?) to take pictures for a class. so we graciously obliged him.
despite the bitter cold, spontaneous snow (did or didn't spring start yesterday???) we got to climb on trains!!!

these pictures definitely make us look more awesome than we are.
good job buddy!

on another note, i got the pictures from the epic bike ride we took on sunday!
be very jealous.

she's my favorite...

i really thought i was gonna fall and die.

hott stuff on wheels!

oh spring!
how i've missed you.

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