Monday, October 24, 2011

bubbly toes

do you ever have a day when you don't know why, but you just wake up and feel glum?
i have a solution for you:
(just try it one time and tell me that it doesn't make your whole entire day that much better!)

last night, the sis and i decided that we needed to use the massive amount of food that we had just received from the parents... and grandpa.. and winco...
(i think my roommates hate us. we take up at least half of the refrigerator.)
but we got squash.
buttercup squash.
and a lot of buttercup squash.
and guess who got a box of apples from grandpa's tree yesterday?
it was meant to be.

my version of buttercup squash & apple soup
kind like this one. and this one. but mostly different.

chicken stock (mom got us some rotisserie chickens from costco... so we de-boned them and then used the carcass to make stock)
2 buttercup squashes
3 onions - roughly chopped
2-4 apples cut into large chunks(depends on the size... and how much you want your soup to taste like apples)

cut the squashes in half and throw them, the roughly chopped onions, and chunked apples on a cookie sheet that has a little bit of water on the bottom
bake in oven until you can easily scoop the squash out of the shell (we left ours in about a half hour at 400)
throw the squash, apples and onion in stock, let simmer and cook together for a few minutes (you can season it with salt, pepper, cinnamon, nutmeg, chicken bouillon... i don't ever really measure when i'm making soup. i go purely by taste)
throw it into a blender - and voila!

yummy soup and a very happy tummy.

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