Monday, October 3, 2011

i need to eat a skinny person.

so i'm in a nutrition class... consequently, being the food junkie that i am, food is always on the brain. 
does this present a problem for a food-addict like myself?
quite possibly.
(how am i supposed to go to class and feel good about my eating when i was looking up super-yummy-and-not-remotely-healthy-recipes online last night???) i don't know if the class is supposed to make you feel guilty, but it's too late. i'm conflicted. 
will i change? 
probably not. 
so in honor of "eating healthy" (BAH!) and other diet-related bizness...

and to make sure that the whole world stays right:
i actually have a cake recipe like this one, but i am really liking the idea of "single serving"...
not necessarily because it is smaller, mind you.
because it's all mine.
no sharing involved!

wanna know what i'm going to buy myself?
i saw these babies and fell in love.
besides, winter is coming and i need some new boots.

this last weekend i watched general conference.
and i swear - every time they talk, they are talking specifically to me! (except maybe the parenting ones... i have no idea what they are talking about there...)
this was one of my "favorites"... if that is really possible.

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  1. LOVE the new picture of you!!!!! GORGEOUS!
    And wow I need that chocolate...
    And those boots.....