Friday, October 21, 2011

one proud nerd.

call me a nerd, but i love science. 
call me an even bigger nerd that i watch youtube videos about science. 

(you know you wish you found this first...)

but guess what? today is friiiiiiidayyyyy! :) 
and friday is the day that:
1- i can stop thinking about school for the next 48 hours
2- i can have adventures (and not feel like i should be at home studying)
3- no homework
4- my parents are coming up to visit!
5- did i mention i get to go shopping with my mom???
6- i don't have to wake up at 6. (wait... that really happens any other day of the week???)
7- quality time with me and my book. because i promised myself that i will finish one book every other week. (by the way, this is book #2)
8- i don't have to be any where important. so i can sit on my butt and look up useless things like this:

9- and this
(this just makes me want grilled cheese ohhhhhh so badly! i should stop torturing myself because i don't get to eat lunch for another 2 hours... this is just cruel...) has some of the BEST looking grilled cheese sandwiches i've every seen in my entire life. i mean, this chick has the art of perfectly grilling a cheese-which down to a science. nay, it is art. pure and simple.
if you really want to get down to the science behind the grilled cheese, check out the sporkful.
they are my new favorite when it comes to analyzing the nitty-gritty necessities of good cookin'.  
10- lunch today: leftovers from last night's cooking escapade.

 this is yet another one of those meals that just kinda... happened. we threw in a couple of onions, green onions in the fridge, an eggplant, peppers and jalapenos, leftover hamburger and spinach that was not lookin so hot... (not slimy... just a little wilty...)
toss it all in a skillet with some spices and BAM! 
the most time consuming part of the dinner was finding out how to get the blasted cabbage leaves OFF of the head.
how do you perform this feat you ask?
you toss the head of cabbage into boiling water for a few minutes, and then the leaves just come right off!!!
simple as that.
then we threw those in a casserole dish, covered it in prego or ragu... and then topped it with some cheese right before it was done.
oh heavens.
don't tell anyone... i think i had two.
but it was gone so fast i'm not really sure.

11- friday is just a good day.


now go partyyyy!

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