Tuesday, October 4, 2011

wishin' i could do this every day...

i've been very selfish. i've been showing you all of the fantastic things that i've been finding online... but i haven't told you anything of what i've actually been up to! (actually... i just haven't had any of the pictures on my computer to upload. but i love you soooo much that i actually braved the darkness underneath my bed to pull out my hard drive. you better believe i did!) 
so two weeks ago, my mom came up to play. 
and did we ever play!
(she also happens to love taking pictures... so what a better combination for us photogenic primadonnas?)

we heard about this hike from a guy at the fair.
talk about totally RANDOM.
i never believed that we would actually find this place.
you head out of rexburg, keep driving (and driving... and driving...) we actually made it all the way out to the highway on red road before we figured out that the "crater butte" we were looking for was back about 3 miles. and then off on some random dirt road.
poor baby car.
i promised him that i would give him a nice washing. (still hasn't happened...)

this was all you could see of the "crater"
you go from seeing tons of nice, sage-brush-y idaho landscape to a full-blown forest in a matter of seconds. 
pretty awesome.

me breaking in my brand-new hiking boots.

my sister and i ran in the temple-to-temple relay race.
(this was after i'd finished my 3.4 mile run)
ps - i hadn't run in like... 4 months?
probably not a smart move... but since when is that any fun?

finishing was sure fun though.
we had to pass on one of those slappy-wrist things... i know that they think that is supposed to be more convenient or something like that... but that takes a lot more coordination than i realized.

my heroic picture in front of the idaho falls temple.
funny (or maybe not-so-funny) story: 
the guy that was supposed to run the last leg got lost. so when my sister shows up (having sprinted to the end of her leg) with blue lips... i knew she wasn't going to be able to run the last 2.8 miles to the finish.
i'm standing there.
at the finish line.
i'm the only one in shorts.
with tennis shoes still on (i swear there was a little voice in my head that kept telling me not to change all day... little did i know...)
next thing i know, i've ripped her headphones out of her ears, and i'm jogging towards the corner.
sometimes i'm just too dang nice.

we're the studliest women i know.

the grand finish!
(my team was out looking for the "lost sheep")

and the weekend wasn't even close to being over!

i bet you wanna know where we would find 3 such adorable dresses.
we made them.
you heard me right.
well... mom made them... she just told me where to sew.

don't leave your attitude at home ladies!

best friends.

the photographer (aka mom)...
told me that this picture made my feet look too big.
but the converse are just so sweeeeet!

they caught me napping.
i like to pretend i'm a cat lying in the sun some days. 
(come on... you do it too... don't lie!)

or just weird.

i was NOT going to lose that hat.
{which i made by myself!}

best. shoes. ever!

{everywhere is walking distance if you have the time.}
                             steven wright

walking takes longer... than any other known form of locomotion except crawling. thus it stretches time and prolongs life. 
life is already too short to waste on speed. 
edward abbey

chicken enchilada bake here

(psssst! i'm making this... if you want to come over for dinner...)

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  1. you MADE that hat?!! agh, you are too skilled, woman!