Wednesday, November 9, 2011

by any other name

{day 2}

i suppose you are wondering what's in a name.
i find myself wondering that a lot too.
like who came up with things like flexor carpi ulnaris?
someone that is trying to ruin my life... that's who.
(no joke. kinesiology is ridiculous at times. unfortunately, it also makes sense too. which makes me even more annoyed.)

where did this wonderful little blog's name arise from you ask?
well, to make a short story quite long...
when i was deciding to start blogging, i realized that i needed a name.
something catchy.
something unique.
something that would be "me" all squashed into a title.
alas, i am neither witty or creative... 
i am an extremely logical and realistic person that likes to try a whole lotta stuff. and for no particular reason most of the time.  
i tried stuff about "starving student" and "health nut", but none of them really seemed to click.
"bookworm" didn't really fit either. (not my fault though! school seems to sap every spare minute of my life away. the last time i read a book for fun is almost too distant to remember anymore. and by that i mean like a month ago. when i didn't have 6 tests in one week. i told you my teachers were evil.)
what else do i doooooo?
i shop.
i bake.
so does everybody else on the web apparently.
i dabble?
i say! i think we might have something here...
and voila!
this little baby was born.

don't judge me.
it's the best i got.

and just in case you didn't get the memo:
i love this blog.

i have been feeling really stressed lately.
you know, the usual...

grad school.
(or lack thereof.)
trying to be social.
being healthy.
working out.
real life... 
i don't really think that i am a fan of this whole "growing up" thing. i really liked it when i could just mooch off of mom and dad for everything. (we had this awesome arrangement where i got a car and gas if i just ran errands for them. those were the days.......)

i don't want to lose that sense of adventure. especially in focusing so hard on trying to be successful and completing goals. i think that it is easy to lose sight of why we do things in the first place. is is to succeed or to have the experience? is it to simply pass the class or to gain the knowledge?

i want to take some risks. to get out of my little bubble of security and smooth-sailing, and go paddle my little canoe out into some bigger waters! (it might sound stupid, but it's my metaphor thank you very much!)
{andre gide: man cannot discover new oceans until he has courage to lose sight of the shore.}
now get out there and make some waves.

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