Saturday, November 19, 2011

day 7. possibly a little late.

{day 7.}
you might have noticed this one missing...

this one is pretty much impossible. 
favorite movies.

i mean... there are just too many to possibly pick a favorite. (i feel like the brian regan joke.) grape is favorite...! cherry is a favorite too... but grape is more favorite!
it's like making me choose whether i like my right or left food more.

my go-to movie for years has been:
the count of monte cristo.
a. he's a stud.
b. the movie is fantastic (it has everything, ya know?! action, romance, mystery, revenge, justice, suspense... murder? ah, it just warms the cockles of my heart thinking about it.)
c. one of my favorite characters, basically EVER (aka dumbledore)
d. and last but not least...
be still my heart! 
(and guess what??? he's starring as clark kent in the next superman movie, man of steel, coming out in 2013!) i'm just a little excited. 
no, i did not just drool on my shirt...

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