Tuesday, November 8, 2011

project me. day 1.

i'm jumping on the "30-day" bandwagon of blogging.
mostly because it sounds fun. but i need an outlet (other than pinterest) and i think that these are going to be fairly entertaining because i can barely keep my eyes open while i'm typing. this could be fun. you might want to grab on to something... because this could be a bit bumpy!

{day 1}

1. i like to dress like a nerd.
2. i know how to do a little bit of a lot of different things. (can i call this one a gift and a curse??? because i know how to do a lot, but i never really acheive mastery of any particular skill... real world = terrifying for this reason.)
3. i graduate with a bachelors in exercise science in april 2011. do i know what i am going to do with this when i do? nope.
4. i name my cars. my "baby beast" doesn't like the cold weather. he is excited to be graduating in april too. 
5. i love shopping at d.i., thrift stores, yard sales... and the word "free" in anything just makes me have heart palpitations.
6. i don't think of the kitchen as another room in the house. "the kitchen" is another name for jessica's laboratory. (you should imagine that said like "dexter's labor-atory"... it sounds cooler that way.) most definitely my favorite room in the entire house. it even beats my bed. 
7. i love mustard.
8. and mustard yellow.
9. i am a list maker to the ^nth power. 
10. i am lds, the oldest child of 5, an idaho gal, and sports fanatic. i find great job in random things. my life is nothin' too extraordinary, except that -
i think that my life is spectacular. 

well that's the question isn't it?
why don't you hang out a while and see?


[this seems to describe my life fairly well as of late. hopefully i will be able to calm down here in a few days and get to take a little break. and figure out the rest of my life. oof. is is just me, or does that seem a little daunting?]

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