Saturday, November 12, 2011

mis padres

{day 4}

i just want to spend today talking about two of the best people that i know.
aka mom and dad.

i know that most kids think that their parents are losers, are still living in their glory days from way-back-when, won't mind their own business, yada yada yada... (there are occasions when i do wonder what planet they hail from, and if i really wasn't dropped off on the doorstep by a stork...) but i happen to think that my parents are the coolest cats since the invention of sliced bread. 
i'd like you to meet my folks.

aren't they cute?
i think i'll keep them.

when i think of my parents, i think of:
my dad teaching me how to box out after a free throw at 10 o'clock at night in jr. high.
making me read ender's game.
first introducing me to pride and prejudice. (yes mom, it was actually dad that first showed me that movie...)

my mom making me do chores every. single. saturday growing up.
the slave labor before christmas when we made tons of food. (and i'm not kidding about the tons part.) and then we gave it all away. what's with that?
teaching me how to cook. so that i didn't starve to death when i got to college. because top ramen wasn't gonna happen.
of hour-long talks when driving to school, california, or anywhere else (when it was my job to keep her awake)
and all my friends thinking that my mom was the coolest person ever...

i miss this.
but next summer = graduation!
(and more adventures with mom!!!)

i don't know why this picture ended up on here...
i just thought it was funny.

i love my family.

and now for a little thanksgiving food-for-thought:
i so have to make this now.

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