Friday, April 1, 2011

and now my homework is done.

...and almost for good! (well... at least for a few weeks.)
since technically i think that jerusalem will be more like a glorified vacation... :D

i am so done with school.
i need a break.

but on a good note... it is 53 degrees outside right now!
and why am i not out there you ask?
my answer: I HAVE NO IDEA!!!
i think i shall fix this right now.
say adios to inside and go playyyyyy!
(i bought chalk yesterday... good think, because i think it is going to get some use today!)

happy friday by the way.
i thought about pulling a mean april fools joke... but i just don't have it in me.
[i could say i'm engaged or something... but what's the point? that one is way overused.]
i think we are going to prank some boys tonight though. shhhhh. don't tell!
the nice thing about having all of their doors facing each other down a hallway is that it is incredibly easy to tie them all together. oooh this is gonna be fun. :)

today is a good day.
just plain is.
and i love that the weather finally decided to act like spring.

i love this music video...

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  1. ahh yes, I remember when 53 degrees was warm. I'm dying of heat here. Soon enough you'll be in a much warmer place! :)