Thursday, April 21, 2011

just a normal thursday. not.

you know the feeling, the night before christmas... you are a little kid and no matter how hard you try, you just can't get to sleep? that every single sound is hooves on the roof and you swear you heard something coming from down the hall???
i feel like that kid.
no, my flight doesn't leave until wednesday morning, but i am back to being that same jittery little kid.
why can't i just hop in my handy-dandy time machine and whiz to next tuesday??? (i have an orientation meeting... don't wanna miss that one!)
i don't like waiting. at all.
but i'm leaving tomorrow to go see the bestest 19-year-old sister ever. she is going to europe.
is it ok for me to be jealous? if only i could split myself in two...

gosh i am going to miss my family!
i have the sweetest little brothers, both of which come into my room this morning before they leave for school and give me a kiss on the cheek. did my heart melt? yeah, just a little.
lets see how long that lasts when the older one gets home and they start fighting again...

now back to packing!
i just know i'm gonna forget something.
murphy's law of taking a vacation right?
but i figured i needed to make something to protect my poor laptop... so today i decided to make this:
(i swear i'm working on the camera situation!)
mine is yellow. surprise!
and its got buttons!
i can check that off my list of not-so-important-things-to-do...
back to the crucial stuff like finding food... and maybe taking the scissors out of my carry-on... that could be a good thing to remember.

since i'm going to grandpa's house (where wireless internet is unheard of) i am posting this as a pseudo-friday entry. enjoy!

like: source code
i love a good and happy ending :)
dislike: gory movies (i won't say which one i watched to deserve that not-so subtle diss. you are entitled to your own opinion... except when it comes to knowing what i like.)


  1. you MADE that?! Um, you are hired. And I know that feeling you are feeling right now...just embrace it. And can I just say how STINKIN' EXCITED I am for you...gosh you are gonna have fun.

  2. bahahhaaaa i just read this, and HEY you're talking about me! hahaha yessssss i wish you had come with me girlie... that would have made europe EPIC. alas, we shall just have to return to ireland ANOTHER TIME! YAY! :)