Tuesday, April 12, 2011

playing dress up :)

guess what?
you get to see more crappy pictures from my ipod!!!
aren't you excited? you should be.

so i have 2 weeks until i leave. am i excited? oooooh baby yes. i don't really know what to do with myself yet... so i've started stressing already. and started packing. 
for some reason, the only way that i can get rid of my worry-energy is to transform that energy into something productive. unfortunately, my room is about a foot deep in clothes and luggage. not a good way to get rid of stress. so i spent the whole day today unpacking and repacking all of my stuff, sorting things into a this-might-go-to-jerusalem pile, and a this-stays-home-for-the-summer pile. my mom has officially adopted this pile. the bad thing about having an entire family that is about the same size? they steal my clothes. (i don't know why exactly... but i never get to steal clothes back... it seems kind-of one sided to me...) although i am stealing a dress from my sister for the summer. 
i'll be gone before she gets back though. XD

this is my bed.
...well, the bottom half. this is my jerusalem pile.
this is the rest of the crap.
add another (bigger) suitcase and a tub of books, and the mess is complete!
in an effort to find more, modest dresses, i raided my mom's closet.
it was like stepping into d.i.
the whole time, i was like "jackpot!" and "why didn't i know this place existed before???" 
some of the clothes were very very very 90s. it made me giggle.
so i played dress-up all afternoon!
no, this is not one of the best ones... but i liked it so much that i wore it all day.
i think i'm taking this one with me. just cuz it's so awesome.
my mom's clothes used to fit me a little bit different... i remember when i used to wear them and laugh at how silly they looked. now they actually fit. it kinda weirds me out. 

oh you wanna know what ticks me off?
people that cheat in wordswithfriends!
i've never met this person, and they are kicking my trash. and i know that they are cheating!
who thinks of yag and za as words anyway? 
anyway, off my soapbox. [deep breath]
take a deep zen breath...

i am going to make one of these soon.

i told my mom that i don't wear jewlery, and she asked me if i would wear this.
"well that's jewelry."
"no it's not. it's... awesome."
i don't think she understood.
she's doesn't get a lot of what i wear...
like how i used to wear boys jeans, or only wore my hair in a ponytail... or braids... like every day for a year.
what can i say? i'm a creature of habit.
but did she really have to let me leave the house?

spending $10 on a travel blowdryer.
(cons: the diffuser is about the size of my pinkie. not really... but it is tiiiiiiiiiiny! 
and it's pink. ew.
i'm gonna try it out, and see if it can even dry my hair...)
but $10!!!
and it is a dual-volatage one too. bam.

cranberry crunch muffins.
sounds like captain crunch... but with cranberries!!!
and in a muffin!!!

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