Tuesday, April 19, 2011

searching ebay for a mary poppins carpet-bag:

i think i like to stress way too much.
but the one thing that i can be grateful to stress for is that it motivates me to get things done. (if i had just barely started packing today, i probably would give up and go sit in the corner and cry.) so, the good thing about starting to stress about packing last week has actually paid off. it doesn't mean that i like it though.
now comes the best part of the packing.
i have to fit everything into 3 bags:
one that i am checking (64" total - under 50 pounds)
one that can fit into the overhead compartment (45" total - under 40 pounds)
and one purse. (of course... the word "purse" is entirely left up to my own interpretation...)
after managing to fit everything into the big suitcase, doing the whole knee-on-the-top maneuver to keep it from exploding and sending clothes and other items flying all over the room, we got the suitcase on to the scale.
it wasn't until today that i realized how truly funny brian regan is.

we tried sitting the suitcase on the scale.
what do you know. it covers up the numbers!
so here i am, holding the massive suitcase... stepping on and off while my mom looks to see how much i weigh with the suitcase. it was way too complicated for how simple something like that should be.
we managed to get it down to 55 pounds.
then i realized that i was able to take a 40 pound carry-on... duh. well i feel sheepish.
unfortunately, i have to leave room for school books that i will be getting at orientation next tuesday. gee i hope they don't give me a lot... because i don't know if it's gonna fit!
i know you are thinking it... just come out and say it already! 
jess is a packrat. jess has problems.
i know. i do.
i need someone to just pack for me, and then i would go and wear whatever they picked out for me. none of this decision-making crap. it just is way too vague for me! 

anywho. i have an obsession with chicken salad.
i could eat it all day, every day. 
feast your eyes. and possibly go and make some for yourself.

a shout-out to my bff on her birthday!
carissa larsen - i am so freakin glad you were born!

this girl makes some knock-out bread.
but i am friends with her for more than her bread-maker.
love you riss!

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