Monday, April 18, 2011

life at home... is... it just is.

not much news today.
not that home is boring or anything like that... just nothing that the world needs to hear about. nothing exciting...
just regular, everyday things... like my mom being obsessed with oven cleaner. (because she just discovered that it cleans the top of her stove. and that it actually gets rid of the blackened and burnt egg/cheese/spills from my brothers cooking their breakfast... and it doesn't scratch it! listening to her tell me about it was beginning to sound a lot like the oxy-clean guy on tv. i was feeling like i most definitely had to go and buy a bottle to take with me.) or maybe going to savers with my mom and finding the cutest vintage dress i have ever seen in my entire life. and it fit! (i swear pictures will come!!! i have actually made a deal with my sister to let me steal use hers for the summer.)
we also colored eggs last night... and decorated them like monsters. my sister brooke wasn't at home with us, so we took a family picture of our eggs and sent it to her:
can you guess which one it is? (or rather, isn't?)
i think mine looks like a minion.
yeah, that's pretty much home life for ya.

so sad news: i found out yesterday that due to a lame little thing called a "revolution"... that i won't be going to egypt. i think a part of me died last night when i read that.
instead, i get to go to turkey.
what is in turkey, you ask?
i have no flippin' idea.
we will figure this one out together!
[but i made a promise to myself that i WILL make it back to egypt one day. no worries, king tut! i won't keep you waiting for very long!!!]

his voice...
good golly gosh!

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  1. WHY wasn't I present for the egg decorating??? My empty spoon is the exact depiction of my sad empty heart! :(