Saturday, April 16, 2011

it's crunchtime!

i am beginning to feel the pressure now...
not that it is anything really new.
i thrive under pressure, remember?

so i realized that i started to do this like a week ago, and never finished it.
so here ya go.
(i was practicin' my abc's for ya.)
A. age: 21! and yes, i am super excited that my driver's license now is horizontal not vertical! (talk about a rite of passage... my life changed when i walked out of the DMV.)
B. bed size: twin. and too short. i don't like it when my toes hang over the edge...
C. chore you hate: emptying the garbage.
D. dogs: big. or not at all. i can't stand little rat-dogs.
E. essential start to your day: a shower. and sunshine.
F. favorite color: yellow. and then blue.
G. gold or silver: silver... but some golds actually are growing on me lately.
H. height: 5' 11 1/2" (i should just say 6' huh?)
I. instruments you play: piano, guitar, and ukulele (but i suck at all 3)
J. job title: 'sales rep' (actually i tell people that they should buy my fat pants...)
K. kids: someday. definitely. now? no.
L. live: rexburg, idaho. will i stay here forever? definitely not.
nampa, idaho. when i'm not at school.
in a week and a half? JERUSALEM!!! yes, it does count.
M. mom’s name: susan. she also goes by wonderwoman when she is not playing chauffeur, cook, cheerleader, photographer, maid, and mom to us kids. (she's basically my hero)
N. nicknames: jess, jessie, (here's where it gets fun) toad, chief, the beast, "the girl with the gorgeous hair"... yes, that is how i am known at the plasma center...
O. overnight hospital stays: only when they aren't mine. but i can wander the halls and buy juicyfruit from a vending machine at two in the a.m.
P. pet peeve: flaky people. (not referring to dandruff... but that is gross too)
Q. quote from a movie/show: i go up to paris, bam bam bam bam... i'm back before weeks end, we spend the treasure. how is this a bad plan??? 
(from my favorite movie of all time - the count of monte cristo)
R. righty or lefty: i think that signing my name with my left hand is awesome... only because it looks like a kindergartener did it.
S. siblings: 4 of my best friends in the whole world.
T. time you wake up: always late. after i've turned off the 3 alarms that i was positive i wouldn't sleep through.
U. underwear: wouldn't you like to know?
V. vegetables you dislike: love them. but i am not inclined to try brussel sprouts. and swiss chard? ewwww. never ever ever again!
W. what makes you run late: sleep. getting distracted. trying to finish "just one more thing..." blogging? nevvvvvver. ;)
X. x-rays you’ve had: teeth, my feet (i had inflamed growth plates as a young'n)
Y. yummy food you make: must i choose??? but i hear my carmel corn brings all the boys a runnin'...
Z. zoo animal favorite: elephants. i bought a necklace with them on it today.

i've been feeling in a very music-y mood as of late.
and for good, happy, uplifting, music.
not the usual crap they play on the radio.
it gets boring reallllly fast.
but i had this one stuck in my head all day.
new life motto?
i think so.

in preparation for my trip, we've been trying to "fix" all of my clothes, 
so that they will be somewhat cute, while still modest...
i'm so glad my mom is amazing.
and knows how to sew...
we had pants to fix, shirts to fit, buttons to sew... 
it kept us busy pretty much all night long!
but they will be worth it!

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