Saturday, April 9, 2011

today is a great day to fly!

i was sitting outside (with intermittent bursts of sunlight) and even thinking how nice the wind was. (can you believe that? i was thinking that the wind was nice! i haven't thought that in years... let me tell you what!) it was the perfect kind of spring day that just makes you happy to be outside. brisk and sunny.
i love spring so much! :)

today made me want to fly.
don't ask me why...
when i was younger, i remember getting up really early in the morning to go and watch them blow up the hot air balloons for the boise river festival. they don't do it anymore, but i made another resolution: to go see a hot air balloon festival before the end of the year.

it's gonna be sweet!
add this to the list of the shakespeare festival, hiking, camping, fishing, and other adventures before i have to go back to school and my summer is looking pretty darn full! feel free to join me.

i just love cupcakes. (if you haven't already noticed that...)
i found this photostream today, if you like looking at cupcakes and seeing how creative people can be (especially when you are not - like me!) you'll love this!

i most definitely wasn't in her time period... 
but this picture made me laugh.
i fell in love with the yellow outfit.

i mean yellow converse? come on!

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