Friday, April 8, 2011

i need direction

i refuse to think that today is saturday.
because i forgot to post my music.
so, my excuse is that because i haven't gone to bed yet, that it is still technically friday. take that saturday morning!

this was going to be a list of music that had inspired me over the course of this semester... but it seems like the end of the semester has sapped all motivation that i had. (having said that, i can also contradict myself and say that i have so much energy i think i might explode!!!) i can't stop thinking about jerusalem.
not for a minute.
unless i am missing my weather-bipolar, former home.
it's amazing to me that i actually find myself missing it.

i've decided something (and it is your job as my reader to hold me to this...)
i need some goals for the summer.
otherwise i am going to just sit and watch the whole world pass me by for the entire summer, and i will come out of it, and not have made the most of it!
da list:

  • do push ups every night. (i stink at push-ups... so the number is going to start very low. but i am going to eventually build it up... hopefully i can be doing 50 push-ups every night in a little bit. don't judge.)
  • write something every day.
  • spend a half hour every day in quiet. no music, no tv, no distractions. just me, just thinking.
  • greet every cashier by their first name. (it seems like a really random goal, but my uncle made me promise i would...)
  • train for a sprint triathalon. i don't know how possible this is going to be in jerusalem... but if not, i'm going to be able to run a 10k/half marathon when i get back!
  • keep up my blog!
  • wake up earlier - i really really realllllllly want to be a morning person. which seems really weird if you have seen me in all my glory in the morning. yes, i am going to make this happen.
  • go to be earlier - again, me = night owl. (as you can see by the time of this post...)
  • get to know everyone on the trip
  • simplify my life - i think i need to start with #9
  • do yoga. meditate. breathe.
  • be on facebook less.
  • spend less time on the computer in general
  • be more patient with people that annoy me. (this is mostly because i am really snippy at my younger brothers. i want to be the "cool" older sister... not the grumpy one that comes home from college that they don't like to hang out with. you get my drift?)
i could really make that list inexhaustible... but for your sake, i will stop!

i saw this today, and i thought it was super cute.
i have a new project now... 
with a white t and skinny jeans??? i am sensing a fashion uprising here.
and most definitely in a good way.

i tried on my old prom dress from senior year
and the first thing i said was - "that used to fit???"

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