Tuesday, February 8, 2011

i am an awesome person

i was in a contemplative mood today, so i thought that i would do a more feel-good post. because we all need a little feel-good every now and again.
a little happy in our day
some sunshine to brighten our step
i saw this a while ago, and i found it again today. i so definitely needed this!
i think that we all need to stand in front of the mirror every once in a while and just tell ourselves how great we are. because we really are that awesome.
life is good.

i just think that we don't remember how good it is just to be us - we get way to preoccupied with comparing ourselves to others.
i wish i had straight hair... i wish that i was skinnier... i wish that my laugh wasn't as loud... i wish that i was sexy and hot... i wish i went on more dates... i wish that i had a boyfriend...

what good does wishing do?
malcom s forbes said,
"too many people overvalue what they are not and undervalue what they are."
i had a volleyball coach that would tell us to be content but never to be satisfied. i am content with who i am, and with the progress that i have made to get me to the point i am now, but i should never be completely satisfied. there is always something that i can learn, something that i can do better.

life is really good.
you are awesome.

remember that, k?

grateful today for god.
for my friends
and the messes and stresses that make everything worthwhile!

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