Saturday, February 12, 2011

oh what a beautiful day!

today started out early.
at 6:30 my alarm went off...
yes, i know that it is a saturday, but i forgot to turn it off
and i couldn't go back to sleep.
so i chilled in the living room and wrote in my journal for about an hour before i started getting stuff ready for a big breakfast that my roommates and i had this morning with a bunch of our friends.
don't you just love a little "me" time?

one of the friends invited us to go shooting with him this afternoon
[he's our go-to shooting buddy... which is way fun - since i didn't shoot a gun until this last summer! we have a ton of fun going shooting with him]
i know i've mentioned how cold it is up here in rexburg, but you don't quite get the impact of just how white
it is.
i had to wear sunglasses it was so bright.
exhibit a.
sagebrush and snow.
(there might be a few bunnies hidden in there somewhere... but i couldn't hit them if i tried, so i don't even bother looking.)

exhibit b.
the snowshoes! :)
we got these babies for christmas... and talk about FAIL... this is the first time we've actually gotten to use them!
notice the lightweight jacket i'm wearing???
it was a beautiful day today! (i pretty much wrote that in a sing-song voice in my head. you should read it that way. it makes it so much better.)

exhibit c.
in my bright green (and most favorite-est jacket in the whole wide world...
pssst! wanna know a secret?
it's my favorite because it has finger holes!!!)
you really can't get a jacket better than that.
oh yeah, and those are my new snowpants too.
they have these sweet little zipper-vents that you can open so that your legs don't get too hot!
i wanna meet the guy that invented that.
i was playing with them and unzipped them (and then forgot that i had) and was wondering why my knees were feeling a draft...

exhibit d.
the partner in crime.
the other half.
the brunette one (for the time being anyway).
the one that steals my clothes (the jacket is mine).
my best friend.
and now my new snowshoe buddy!
meet the younger sis: Brooke
this picture pretty much sums her up.

exhibit e.
more snow.
kinda pretty in a monochromatic way.

i love my face in this one.
we were just so excited to get showshoeing!
i don't actually think i got to shoot a gun today... we wandered around the area for probably an hour before we realized that we had left my roommate with a bunch of strangers. oops.
sorry carissa!
i'll make it up to you i promise!
(as long as it's food i think i can make somethin' happen)

you don't see this...
but this is me off-balance and on my way to making good friends with the snow
yeah brooke, good idea, let's lift our legs up in the air while we are standing in snow... i don't think that it cares whether we have snowshoes on or not. when you hit the snow after falling, it's kinda hard to get back up.
probably not listening to her posing suggestions in the future.

love the gum.

i think this one is my fav.
remember, this is not mid-summer.
we are like 4 feet deep in snow here and we're running around in t-shirts.
today was heavenly!
the craziest thing about rexburg?

you think that 40 degrees is warm
that 50 degrees is balmy
that 60 degrees is a sauna
at 70 degrees you are sweating like nobody's business
and anything above 80 feels like you have relocated to the surface of the sun
i wonder how jerusalem is going to feel this summer...
this could be interesting!

saturdays should not be wasted.
every whim should be obeyed, no matter how weird or strange.
even when that means dying your hair blue.
(i can actually do my hair... but we had to bleach the hair before we dyed it and i had to keep the piece separate from the rest of them.
actually, if you really wanna know, i am starting a new style, and you have to leave out a random piece of hair and you just use a clip to pin the rest to the top of your head.
i think it's gonna catch on reeeeeeeeal well.)

oh and don't judge me.
i decided that makeup wasn't worth it today.

cara and lauren gettin' super excited for our amazing hair adventure!

today i am thankful for heat.
for the stuff that comes from the heater
from the sun
from cuddling
and the warm fuzzy feeling i get inside when i think about special people
(nah, nobody like that yet...)
just cool people like the one that puts up with all my antics and bad moods and still loves me anyway. because honestly she has no other choice.

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