Sunday, February 6, 2011

time to chill...

does this sound familiar to anyone else?
kinda like trying to explain the computer to my grandparents...
gotta love em though! :)

i found this amazing video too.
love this song!
holy smokes.
(i should come up with something else to say...
since i don't smoke it makes no logical sense.)
ummmm.... holy bananas!
that works.

hope you have this stuck in your head now.

even better than this song - i shaved my legs!
(for like the first time in a week)
i know.
but since i can't wear anything other than pants
(and a skirt is out of the question considering it never gets above freezing here)
i didn't realize how nasty it was until i put on a skirt this morning.
but no more!
if you were here... you would feel silky smooth legs.
that is, if you would be allowed to touch them.
probably not.
keep dreamin.

i love my roommates.
i love that they love my cooking.
and i love it when guys go crazy over my muffins,
and introduce themselves as "the muffin man."

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