Wednesday, February 9, 2011

i shouldn't be allowed to post this late

...but i am going to anyway!

i guess you'll just have to put up with the ramblings of a fatigued mind.
whatcha gonna do 'bout that, huh?

i love to collect things.
this might seem odd, because i also don't like excess.
i simply like the little odds and ends that i have.
the random dishes
the books from thrift stores
the insane amount of clothes in my closet
(all of which i wear... so i can't condone getting rid of any of them!)
...i probably could get rid of a few of my shoes...
i wonder what it would be like to be ascetic.
i honestly don't think i would survive.
i think that every single one of my dishes in my cupboard has come (1) from the dollar store or (2) from D.I... which, let's face it, is one of the coolest places on earth. the unfortunate part about living in a college town full of poor college students is that the good stuff is always gone. really fast. CONSTANT VIGILANCE! as mad-eye moody would say. my roommates and i have found some of the cutest things there, hidden inside of other things, and buried beneath piles of junk - voila! you find a gem. my sister spends hours looking at clothes... yours truly is drawn to the books and the dishware. yes. i am pathetic and should probably get counseling.
which reminds me - i got the cutest mustard-yellow dishes there the other day!!! not really the cutest... but i love the color! it makes me happy just looking at them.
the only down-side is that there were only two. not that i needed a whole set or anything like that. but it would have been awesome nonetheless!
(i promise that one day you will see these amazing dishes! i am still currently missing my camera though... that means that (1) my room ate it (2) my car ate it (3) someone "borrowed" it and probably won't ever be returning it or (4) i lost it. which would make me very sad.) i will definitely have to send out the search parties tomorrow... or maybe just decide to clean my room for once! where is my mom when i need her???

i found this little gem yesterday. which made my morning this morning even better when i "accidentally" slept in until fifteen minutes before my class started. which resulted in messy hair thrown into a bun/no makeup/sweatshirt day... i must have been shinin' real bright! har har har... (and you wanna know the best part about the whole morning?)

murphy's law loves me.
super-cute guy right? the one that i've only talked to like two times (ever)... not that i wouldn't be 100,000,000% ok talking to him more...
on the one morning i don't look cute, and i don't have time to shower or have time to get ready - who else would i see? and looking very fine driving a white truck. wowza.
and he honked at me! followed by a wave. eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!
(squealing and happy dance ensued)

but still no number.
possibly followed by a few tears...
mom says i'll have to work on that. (and how may i ask, can one accomplish that? without resorting to ridiculous amounts of facebook stalking?)

and moving on... (i'll keep ya posted on the boy developments... mayyyybe...)
this is what i feel like on a daily basis.

people say they like curly hair.
they do not realize that curly hair has a mind of its own.
but i love my hair. even though it drives me crazy sometimes.
kinda like a boyfriend... but this looks better. ;)

i'm grateful for chocolate
pretzel rods
(if i haven't told you how i am obsessed with them... just wait...
there will be more on this later. i promise!)

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