Friday, February 11, 2011

listen to my february fantasies

fridays definitely need to have a soundtrack
like this one!

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to celebrate the weekend!
since it is so awesome and amazing that it is finally here!!!

currently sitting in my kitchen, waiting for ciabatta to rise...
i never realized how time consuming this recipe would be.
i kind of thought i could leave the house today
you know, it being friday and all...
gotta watch the dough.
[the only thing i can say is that this better be some pretty
freakin fantastic bread!]
more details to come.


i love my yoga.
after doing absolutely NOTHING all week long, it decided that enough was enough and i had to get out of the house.
you ever have those days?
i just go crazy
and run two miles.
[don't laugh... i'm a work in progress]
and then go lift weights
and then come home and do some yoga.
and although my back is gonna be sore tomorrow -
it feels so good!
don't you love it?

the rest of the day was fairly chill...
waitin for the bread,
went and (attempted is the key word here) to play basketball.
i say attempted because playing with guys basically means you don't get the ball. like ever.
it's kinda irritating.
yes, it makes me want to pull out my suffragette flag and wave it all over the place.
or maybe start singing"anything you can do i can do better!"
gotta love annie oakley.
i think she was my favorite person growing up.
[her, and davy crockett... that says something about me, huh?]

oh yeah.
and i dominated at pool.
and the literal translation for "dominated" here means that the guys i played with were laughing at the way i held the stick.
or cue.
or whatever the darn thing is called.
i did get a few ooh's and ahh's
despite the funky way i held it
take that mr. macho man!
i actually still have no idea what i did wrong.
but i hit the ball! so it doesn't even matter to me.

and update on the bread.
oh. my. goodness.
i am a lazy cook.
and to spend that much time on anything kills me a little inside.
but it was definitely definitely worth it!
crispy on the outside, light and airy on the inside.......
i think i'm going to dream about lovely dancing ciabattas tonight.
and i'm going to eat them for lunch tomorrow.
i just have to decide on the perfect thing to go in the middle.
can't waste a good ciabatta on an unworthy sandwich now...

this weekend is gonna rock!
and not because of v-day
or s.a.d.
[for you married/engaged/ball-and-chain people this is code for single awareness day]
we're having brunch tomorrow. :)
oh how i love breakfast!
especially on the weekends,
when you can plan all sorts of good yummy sumptuous-ness...
oh goody!
i need to get to bed so that i can get up early and decide what i am going to make...
i think that either coffee cake or apple muffins (round II) might do the trick!
have i told you about my amazing apple muffins yet?
i will check on that...
if i haven't, i will definitely clue you in on this deliciousness.
if i already have, you must try them!

i'm not kidding, they might just change your life.
sweet dreams!
[dream of many wonderful foods!!!]

loving the pain that i know i'm gonna feel tomorrow...
but remembering that it is good for me!!!
(mr. yoga-man on my video kept sayin...
"this is so healthy...")
and in my mind i'm screaming... "but it hurts!!!"
hopefully i'll do a little better tomorrow. ;)

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