Friday, February 18, 2011

you take my breath away... literally.

dear mr. cold.
i hate you.
despite the fact that you are a major inconvenience on my life normally, i would
really appreciate being able to get back to hanging out with my family. since this is the first weekend i have been home this semester. instead i am sitting on the couch coughing and feeling like a lame fool
because i can't do anything. please go and bug somebody else.

in my best attempt to pretend that i am a healthy individual, i went for a run this morning. oh my heavens the weather here is amazing! going from crazy rexburg, idaho weather
to boise is
like walking into a sauna. (not really) but gone is the snow, the wind, the ice, the boots, the jackets, and the thermal socks. i almost felt like i should be wearing shorts!
oh i can't wait for this summer!

but for now, i must make do with the methods to entertainment i have been given...
i think snow sculptures sound like a fantastic idea right now. :)
do you collect anything?
i collect lots of things.
which are... mostly things.
i have always wanted to find something that i really like. that i want to have a lot of. (and not have it look like a bunch of crap that is taking up space...)
my sister collects perfume bottles.
my other sister collects salt and pepper shakers.
i collect... stuff.
but not anymore! i have discovered something that i love.
and i love it sooooo much! (no these aren't mine, but i wish they were!)

aren't they cute?!
i have a couple of suitcases that i bought... not even realizing that i would start a collection, just knowing that i thought they were awesome!!!
i don't have a ton, because i get overzealous really easily, and i don't want to buy some just because i am "collecting" them. i just have to keep reminding myself - "take it easy jess..." (said with a nacho libre accent in honor of our party on wednesday) this means that i have an obsession with the D.I... (this is where i usually assuage my addiction)
i love old luggage with personality and cute little cups. none of the cups in my cupboards match... my roommates might get annoyed that they don't stack, but for now they have the decency not to tell me and undermine my joy. i love them so much!
one of these days you might get to meet them all!

ah! i almost forgot about today's music!
i shan't forget that!

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i am so grateful for home!
... and for my mommy that watches out for me!
(and helps me feel better when i'm sick!)
and for angry birds.
ridiculous game.

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